Low Price Tyres Ipswich

Keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressures is crucial to ensure your tyres work for you. An over inflated tyre can have a negative affect on its grip performance, as can under inflation. As well as affecting the performance, incorrect tyres pressures can also cause uneven and premature tyre wear. Your cars fuel economy can also suffer due to incorrect pressures. We are always more than happy to check your tyre pressures free of charge. We also offer a free tyre condition check. 

Tyre Range

We offer a wide range of Tyres to suit your vehicle. So whether it's standard tyres, Run flats or Winters, we can meet your needs. We can supply many tyre brands at competitive prices to suit your budget.

Tyre Sidewall Information

205 - This is the nominal width of the tyre in mm's

55 - Profile. The height of the sidewall. It is measured

as a percentage of the nominal width.

16 - This is the diameter of the rim fitment in inches.

91 - This is the load index rating.

V - This is the speed rating.

Tyre Labelling

Tyre labelling is a simple way to indicate the performance specification of the tyre.

The chart on the top left gives a rating for fuel economy.

The Top right chart gives a rating on wet grip.

The lower section is a noise rating.

The information provided on these labels is provided

by the tyre manufacturer, not an independent body.

Tyre Pressures

Under Inflated

Tyre Wear Under Inflated

Under inflation causes your tyres to wear excessively on the edges.

Correctly Inflated

Tyre Pressures Correct

Keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressures will help them wear evenly.

Over Inflated

Tyre Wear Over Inflated

Over inflation causes your tyres to wear excessively down the centre.